The Everything Vampire Book: a history of vampires in Literature, Film, and Legend

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The Everything Vampire Book: From Vlad the Impaler to the vampire Lestat - a history of vampires in Literature, Film, and Legend by Barb Kart, Arjean Spaite, and Rick Sutherland

An affordable, accessible companion to vampire literature, films, and TV • Several vampire movies are due out in 2008 and 2009: Twilight, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and The Historian • Vampire communities are flourishing on the Internet—a simple “vampire societies” search on Google yields over 580,000 results • Everything reference books have sold more than 575,000 copies! Bram Stoker’s Dracula Anne Rice’s Lestat Stephenie Meyer’s Edward Who can resist these erotic, exotic creatures of the night? And who wants to? In The Everything® Vampire Book, readers unearth all the secrets of this beautiful, terrible underworld, including: • How vampires live, hunt, and endure • Why they refuse to die • How to destroy a vampire—from holy water to decapitation • The best—and worst—vampire books, TV shows, and films • What constitutes the “vampire lifestyle” and blood fetish practices • All the incarnations of vampires—from the Greek Lamia to the Indian Churel • Real-life encounters with vampires Vampire aficionados will enjoy sinking their teeth into the notorious history and bewitching tales in The Everything® Vampire Book!

Very good, used condition.

  • Publisher  :  Everything (January 17, 2009)
  • Language  :  English
  • Paperback  :  304 pages
  • ISBN-10  :  1605506311
  • ISBN-13  :  978-1605506319
  • Dimensions  :  8 x 0.8 x 9.25 inches