About Us

The Pink Rose Cottage was born out of my love of all things vintage! I’m an avid collector of vintage linens, especially vintage printed tablecloths and handkerchiefs. I also collect vintage ladies powder compacts, vanity items, teacups, hand painted china, and unique silver tableware pieces, and vintage jewelry. I often find that I’ve created an “accidental” collection. I will purchase a piece only to realize I have several more like it already at home. That happens more often then I care to admit!

I think I come by my collecting genetically. My grandmother was a collector of antique dolls and anything that caught her fancy. She also was a well know antiques dealer in her time. I remember taking a trip with her to a very small town in central Pennsylvania. She was buying from two elderly sisters whose parents had owned a store. It had been closed for many years, frozen in time. They only sold the old stock when they were in the mood. I remember the the store with it’s big windows,  gorgeous woodwork cabinets and shelves, and the feeling of stepping back in time. I can’t  remember what my grandmother bought but I’m sure it was something wonderful as she had a keen eye.

Although my venture into the sellers world came in large part because of necessity (I need to make room for new additions to my collections), I suppose it’s inherited too. My grandmother had a shop in a charming and historical old blacksmiths building. (It really was wonderful despite the icicles that formed on your nose during the winter!) I think she would have loved the online shopping and selling as much as I do.

I carefully select items for my store. Many items are from my own collections. Since I don’t have the pleasure of meeting my customers in person, I do my best to describe each with accuracy and provide the best photos possible. If you ever find you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

My husband and I enjoy traveling to flea market and antique shows. I’m so happy he enjoys the thrill of the hunt as much as I do! (And by enjoy I mean tolerate pleasantly.) When not antiquing, we make our home in northwest Pennsylvania with our three children and two goofy rescue dogs.

I hope you enjoy your visit to The Pink Rose Cottage!