Vintage Dix and Rands Sewing Mending Kit Satin Box Ribbon Flowers

The Pink Rose Cottage


This vintage mending kit is absolutely gorgeous! A light blue satin box adorned with a pink rose ribbon wreath holds threads spools, needles, and a thimble. Twenty-one spools of darning silk in shades of brown and other colors (A.H. Rice Co. USA). A package of Dix and Rands High Grade Sharps needles and a thimble. The inside lid has a darling graphic of a young woman carrying her mending kit and says, "Handing Mending Kit." Just the loveliest mending kit!

Measures 6 by 3 3/8 inches. The condition is wonderful. Appears to be mostly unused. There is some wear on the outside of the box, but its nothing bad.