Vintage Wilendur America's Pride Lily of the Valley Extra Large Tablecloth & Napkins

A striking vintage tablecloth and twelve napkins. Bright red background scattered with sprays of lily of the valley. 

The tablecloth is a nice extra large size measuring 79 by 64 inches. The twelve napkins measure approximately 14 by 16 inches. As shown in the photo there is one napkin with a dark tear and a mark. Overall this set is in very good condition, but does have a few minor fabric slubs.  Absolutely gorgeous on the table!

This lily of the valley tablecloth and napkin set is a Wilendur pattern, however the fabric is a rayon cotton blend which was made by American's Pride (a Wilendur company). Rayon blend has an elegant drape and is easy to iron. This set appears to have been made from yard goods.