Vintage Classic Unused Wilendur Red "Royal Rose" Tablecloth

This is a Wilendur signature cloth! Nine squares of stunning red roses! The pattern is "Royal Rose." A collectors favorite! This one has edges finished in buttonhole trim in a matching red. Very striking.

This vintage Wilendur tablecloth measures 45 by 45 inches per the paper label. The tag also states the this is a Wilendure, which is part of the Wilendur line, although this pattern is not normally seen marked as such. It also states that this cloth is "irregular" but nothing out of the ordinary is found. Has the original store price from Penn Traffic Co in Johnstown, PA.

It does have storage yellowing, but otherwise is in excellent condition with great color!

As a long time vintage tablecloth collector, I know that most collectors prefer to restore their "new" tagged cloths, so I have decided to leave this cloth as found. It does has yellowing. From my experience, these can be removed with a good soak  followed by a day in the sun.