Vintage Broderie Tablecloth Maid Butler Cocktail Dinner Party

A terrific vintage whimsical tablecloth! Features a butler in each corner. He is ready to serve tea. There is a sexy maid who dropped and broke a plate. There is also a teacart with tea, teacups, and a lovely dessert cake. There is a table with a bottle of champagne with two glasses and a turkey. Yes, a turkey. Must be Thanksgiving! The colors are wonderful and unusual for this pattern. Jadeite green, periwinkle blue, and black. 

This vintage tablecloth measures 50 by 47 inches. Cotton. The colors are nice. There are some issues including a red spot, a fray on the selvedge, a gray dye drip, and a few tiny areas that look like rust. Please see the photos for details. Overall, it's a very nice cloth. Highly collectible, and in the more rare colorway. It has been attributed the much loved Broderie label. 

See the last photo if you are a Fiesta lover! This cloth goes beautifully with the new Meadow color!