Pair of Vintage Yummet Hommet Russian Silver Salt Cellar Dips with Spoons

Pair of beautiful footed silver salt cellars or salt dips with matching spoons. Footed with a gorgeous flowing floral design. The salt spoons match. Have a glass insert to hold the salt.

The silver holders are marked in Russian. It's unclear whether the markings are "Yummet, "Hommet", or "?????" which could indicate either the metal or date produced. This silver is most likely German silver (a base metal alloy of some combination of copper, nickle, and zinc." It is also marked "33K" which means that this piece cost 33 Kopeks. In the former Soviet Union, the price was marked on sliver to avoid fluctuating pricing.

Each is in excellent condition. Including the glass inserts and spoons. Truly beautiful and interesting too!