1893 Antique Sterling President Garfield Patriotic Demitasse Spoon Cleveland

A beautiful and patriotic silver spoon to commemorate President James Garfield who only held office for 200 days in 1891. The top of the spoon has a medallion with an American eagle and a portrait of Garfield. Swirls down with his name. Flowing to the bowl appears to be the stripes of the American flag and stars are sprinkled around. Engraved "Cleveland." Garfield was born in Morland Hills, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb. 

The back of the spoon has the back of the eagle, the Stars and Stripes, and a crest. Engraved 7-13-93. Most likely the date of a trip to Cleveland by the collector. 

This antique sterling silver demitasse spoon measures 3 7/8 inches long. Marked, "Webb C. Ball, Cleveland O, Sterling." Excellent condition.

A wonderful Victorian collectible. Part of a Victorian spoon collection that is shown in the last photos. Available separately.  Please enlarge the photos to see the amazing detail.