4 Vintage Summer Floral Tablecloths with Pink

Four vintage tablecloths with pink flowers.

1) Pink, yellow, and blue pastel flowers with soft green leaves. Has a thread break in the center. Nice strong cotton. 56 by 42 inches. 

2) Tagged Simtex daisies on pink with green leaves. The daisies are faded. Cotton. A small hole. 68 by 45 inches.

3) Shaded pink daisy like flowers with brown-taupe leaves. Has areas of light yellow stains. Cotton. 68 by 46 inches.

4) Pink and blue hydrangeas, violets and more. Very pretty and showy. Has holes and a few small tears scattered throughout. Linen. 69 by 50 inches. 

All these vintage tablecloths have issues, but are still pretty and would be nice as worry free picnic cloths or for craft projects. Gently washed. Stains have not been treated. Sold as is.