Antique Lion Coffee Trading Cards and Game in Victorian Woman Box

A very interesting and unusual find! This box depicting a beautiful Victorian woman with pink roses in her green hat, contains a wonderful little treasure! There are eight trading cards of young sailors that were probably included in a box if Lion Coffee. There is also a paper game, "My First Ride in an Automobile" that includes the instructions and paper cut outs to play. Wonderful Lion Coffee graphics on the instructions. 

The Victorian box measures 7 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and is an inch tall. There is some wear but it still displays beautifully. The Lion Coffee trading cards are in good condition and are probably from the late 1800's. The automobile game instructions are fragile but still nice. The little pieces may or may not be all there. 

We kept this little treasure together, the box and the game, because it's probably been that way for almost 100 years!